8th Annual International Transformative Justice and Abolition Criminology

8th Annual International Transformative Justice and Abolition Criminology
Salt Lake Community College
South City Campus
1pm to 6pm
Room 1-0130 and 1-032
February 18, 2020

Free and Open the Public


The conference will bring together activists, organizers, scholars, academics, and members of the public who are working on issues related to prison abolition to discuss how we can connect our struggles, build power and develop strategy to create a world beyond prisons. We are renewing our desire to include voices of formerly or currently incarcerated community, for our lives are built upon the resistance of our ancestors and are haunted by the unchanging root sources of colonial power: the militarized occupation of stolen lands and the racialized labor that was forced to work them. Contributions can take the form of workshops, presentation, or artworks and performances.

We strongly encourage contributions from artists, particularly those currently or formerly imprisoned, and artwork that expresses experiences of and interactions with the penal system and its effects. We encourage artists to use any medium of their choosing – visual arts, applied design, music, performance, poetry or any form of writing, and more. There will be a gallery show and performance space will available.

Sponsored by: Department of Criminal Justice, Save the Kids, Chief Diversity Office, Utah Alternatives to Violence Project, Utah Criminology Student Association, Salt Lake Save the Kids, Poetry Behind the Walls, and Utah Reintegration Program

Submission Guidelines

Please submit presentation proposal with the following information:

1. E-mail subject title – Transformative Justice
2. Biography – 80 to 100 words
3. Description of Presentation – 200 words
4. Title of Presentation

Submit all of that as a Word Doc. attachment via e-mail to:
Marisol A. Burgueno

Deadline for all proposals is January 25, 2020.


1:00pm to 2:30pm
SESSION ONE -Voices of Former Incarcerated People

Lucas Alan Dietsche
Matthew Holman

2:30pm to 4:00pm
SESSION TWO – Prison Abolition and Punitive Justice Abolition

Chelsie Joy Acosta
Anthony J. Nocella II

4:00pm to 5:30pm
SESSION THREE – Transformative Justice and Healing Justice

David Bokovoy, Chuck Williams, and Lexi Wilson
Arash Daneshzadeh
Lea Lani Kinikini

5:30pm to 6:30pm