Directors and Advisors


National Address:
Save the Kids
1935 West 4700 South #236
Taylorsville, Utah 84129

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  • National Director Critical Reintegration Services
    Maurece Graham-Bey
    Phone-number: 253.367.9598
    Maurece Graham-Bey is multilingual and has an educational background in criminal Justice, English, finance, Christian counseling, and alcohol & drug treatment. He is a son, brother, uncle, nephew and friend to people who deserve better than what they receive from our dysfunctional system. Over the past twenty-five years since his encounter with homelessness and the criminal justice system as a youth he has become a leadership development mentor, non-violent communication and alternative to violence training facilitator, trauma & healing circle lead, Restorative living lead practitioner, Peer recovery coach, Housing navigator and advocate, and organizer for transformative justice. He currently resides in Seattle and sits on the boards of the Alternatives to Violence Project, Friends for a nonviolent world, and Projects for a Civil Society. He is national director of transformative justice and critical reintegration services with Save The Kids.
    On Instagram/Tik Tok/Snapchat/Twitter @bigrbey.


  • National Director of Publicity
    Marisol Adriana Burgueño
    Phone-number: 415-542-8667

    Marisol Adriana Burgueño A Bay Area native, Marisol has dedicated her career to public advocacy and to the intersections of design and social impacts. Marisol received her MA in Product Design & Development from ELISAVA Barcelona School of Engineering, and holds a BA in Industrial Design from the California College of the Arts. Marisol began her career through various roles in product design and visual communications for social entrepreneurship companies. After leaving the for-profit sector, she mobilized her knowledge of design and her background in communications to work with nonprofit anti-violence organizations and educational programs for underserved youth in the Bay Area. Marisol’s goals are fueled by her passion for ending the cycles of violence and poverty in her community, and building an equitable, interconnected society. She is committed to strengthening community partnerships, increasing access to resources, and public awareness.


  • National Director of Lowrider Studies

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 120700793_3323996257721361_50768055213771250_o-1024x880.jpgXris Macias
    Phone: 801-783-6429

    Xris Macias is the Director of the DREAM Center at the University of Utah where he works with undocumented students and other students of mixed status. He has a masters degree in Education Culture and Society, where his research emphasis was on Lowriders being educational tools for marginalized communities. Aside from research of this artform, he is also a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) fellow, with the focus area of Latin America and is Chair of Chicana/o Scholarship Fund. He enjoys training Capoeira, and riding his bike. He is fluent in Spanish and can speak Portuguese and enjoys spending time with his two sons.


  • National Director of Transformative Justice
    Lucas Alan Dietsche
    Lucas Alan Dietsche is a graduate with a master’s in criminal justice from University of Wisconsin-Platteville.  He is the National Organizer of Letters to Prisoners-Save the Kids.   He is also a professor of prison education. He helps send radical propaganda, books, and birthday cards as organizer of Save the Kids Letters to Prisoners Project.  He is also currently an Editor of the Poetry Behind the Walls.  As the Current Poet Laureate of Taconite Harbor, he has written and published many collections of poetry and novels.  He has research on Poetry Criminology, and carceral feminism.  He has a patreon account called The Pilot of Oumuamua.


  • National Director of Outreach
    Dr. Anthony J. Nocella II
    Phone-number: 315-657-2911
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    Dr. Anthony J. Nocella II, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology in the Institute of Public Safety at Salt Lake Community College. He is the editor of the Peace Studies Journal, Transformative Justice Journal, and co-editor of five book series including Critical Animal Studies and Theory with Lexington Books and Hip Hop Studies and Activism with Peter Lang Publishing. He has published over fifty book chapters or articles and forty books. Nocella is the National Coordinator of Save the Kids, Executive Director of the Institute for Critical Animal Studies, Director of the Academy for Peace Education, and acquisitions editor of Arissa Media Group. His work has been translated in Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, Korean, and Japanese. He has been interviewed by New York Times, Washington Post, Houston Chronicles, Durango Herald, Fresno Bee, Fox, CBS, CNN, C-SPAN, and Los Angeles Times.


  • National Director of Finance
    Alisha Page
    Phone-number: 253-304-4758
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    Alisha Page is a community advocate for change and passionate about ending mass incarceration. She’s has volunteered for the last 8 years creating and assisting with reentry programs. Additionally, an active comrade with Save the Kids originally with Wisdom Behind Walls but now wherever she is needed. She actively attends juvenile court advocating for families caught up in the system. Ms. Page facilitates equity training for k-12, and often provides guidance on teacher retraining. Ms. Page is also a small business owner who is passionate about helping people rebuild their credit and work on debt. She has been providing community workshops for financial literacy and small business for the past fifteen years. Ms. Pages holds a degree in Psychology concentration in Financial Management and B.A. in Sociology.


  • National Director of Hip Hop Studies
    Tony Quintana
    Phone-number: 505-604-2224
    – National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth
    – National Week of Action Against School Pushout
    – Annual International Hip Hop Activism Conference
    – Annual Transformative Justice and Abolition Criminology Conference
    – Annual Awards

Tony Quintana is a loving father, educator, emcee, and activist. He has worked in Health Promotion/Disease Prevention for over 9 years, and has managed health education programs on a wide variety of topics including HIV, diabetes, fitness and nutrition. As an emcee and show promoter, Tony (also known by his stage name I.Q. the Professor) has been very active in the local hip-hop scene in Albuquerque, NM where he co-founded the Conscious Eating and Hip-Hop event series, and is a co-founder of the Dezert Banditz hip-hop crew. He is currently the Plant-Based Eating Program Manager for Animal Protection of New Mexico and Youth Education Director for the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living.




Mac Allred
Utah, USA

Mac Allred has always wanted to help people. It started when he was small and placed in a city-wide poetry contest. From there he saw that if you cared, then people might just listen to you. Growing up in North Carolina, Mac saw the differences between class and race. When his life hit a detour, Mac found out what the Juvenile Justice System was like. It was then that Mac decided he could never be back in a situation where this was the result of his actions. After spending an ill-prepared year in college, Mac decided to join the US Navy. It was a path that led to great high, and massive lows. Mac traveled the world and was able to see, again, the differences between race and class. Currently settling in Utah, Mac has found his inner activist. Some of that came though his desire to help, and other parts came from the way the world was moving.


Kym Young
Minnesota, USA
Kym E. Young is a Community Human Rights advocate working in the Duluth/Superior Area for social justice and equal rights for PoC and all marginalized groups. Kym received her M.A. in Art History from the University of Wisconsin-Superior in 2012. She uses both her artwork and her knowledge and experience to educate and advocate for those whose voices are not heard in mainstream society.


Sir Dr. Clyde Rivers
California, USA
Sir Dr. Clyde Rivers is the global leader of the world civility movement, teaching people to value the contributions of others. He is the founder and president of iChange Nations, the world’s largest culture-of-honor network in the world. Dr. Rivers is also the first recipient of the Danny K. Davis Congressional Peace Prize Award presented by Congressman Danny K. Davis from Illinois. He is the global board chairman and representative to the United Nations for the Organization of Poverty, Alleviation and Development based in Stockholm, Sweden.


Dr. Lea Lani Kinikini
Utah, USA

Dr. Lea Lani Kinikini, received her doctorate from University of Auckland, New Zealand, masters from University of Hawaiʻi, and bachelors from University of Utah. She is a researcher and educational practitioner who has worked internationally in Hawaiʻi, New Zealand, Oceania and now Salt Lake County. Her research has examined the school to prison to deportation pipeline with a focus on case law and Pacific Islander youth gangs. She has conceptualized how legal fictions are extrapolated both in the public sphere and in the legal realm to produce ranked or ‘marked’ populations underlined by racial classes. She currently is the Chief Diversity Officer at Salt Lake Community College working on building solutions to over-incarceration and is committed to creating equity through educational justice innovations. 


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Dr. Mechthild Nagel
New York, USA

Dr. Mechthild Nagel is professor of philosophy & Africana Studies and Director of the Center for Ethics, Peace, and Social Justice at the State University of New York, College at Cortland, USA. Dr. Nagel is also a visiting professor at Fulda University, Germany and Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain. She is author of eight books including three on penal abolition. She writes on ethics of play, critical justice studies, global feminist studies, Africana philosophy. Dr. Nagel is founder and editor-in-chief of the online feminist journal Wagadu: A Journal of Transnational Women’s and Gender Studies ( She has taught in area prisons in New York state and established a prison education program at a prison in Fulda, Germany. Lately, Dr. Nagel also supervises a college program (Sophia’s Garden project), teaching philosophy to children and is co-founder and coordinator of a social justice organization United Voices of Cortland.


Dr. Daniel White Hodge
Illinois, USA

Dr. Daniel White Hodge is an author, Hip Hop scholar, cultural critic, & diversity & inclusion, expert. Dr. Hodge has taught at Cal State University Northridge’s Religious Studies department, Cal State Los Angeles’ Pan African Studies department, as well as Fuller Theological Seminary’s school of intercultural studies. As a speaker, writer, and activist he has spoken on many college campuses including Stanford University, UCLA, USC, and Union Theological Seminary. He teaches around the world on subjects such as Black popular culture, personality, and the self, Hip Hop discourse, and race/ethnicity within religion. Dr. Hodge consults and is available to speak on a variety of subjects including Hip Hop theology, race & ethnicity in the trump era, colonization in evangelicalism, & intercultural communication.


Shawn Newell
Utah, USA
Shawn is the Vice President of Business Development at Industrial Supply Company where he has worked for the past 35 years.  He serves as a community integrator working as the vice president of the Salt Lake Branch of the NAACP, a former Commissioner on the Governor’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Commission and is on the executive Board of the Utah Black Round Table.  He heads the Utah Multicultural Civic Council, serves on the Board of the Utah Non-Profit Association and is a member of the Utah Manufacturer’s Association Board. Mr. Newell formerly served as Chair of the Workforce and Economic Development Advisory Board at Salt Lake Community College where he served as the Alumni Council President and a Trustee for the College.  Shawn is a Civility Ambassador for World Civility through iChange Nations and serves on the Diversity and Inclusion task force for the Industrial Supply Association.  Additionally, he serves on the Utah 3rd district Court Committee for Self-Represented Parties, Council on Diversity Affairs (CODA), as a former member of the Utah State Board of Education, a President’s Ambassador for the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce, Co-chair on the Salt lake Chamber Diversity, Equity and Inclusion task force, Utah State Department of Workforce Services Board, recently joined the Board of the The Road home, Friends For Sight, The Utah State Bar Commission Board, the newly formed Utah Office of Innovation Task Force and currently on the Utah System of Higher Education Board. Shawn is a graduate of the University of Utah, Salt Lake Community College and has a Masters of Management degree from the University of Phoenix. He holds an Executive leadership certification from the University of Utah School of Business and a Diversity and Inclusion certificate from Cornell University and a Leading with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Certificate from the University of Utah. In Shawn’s spare time he officiates youth sports and BBQs great grub.  Mr. Newell is married, the father of three and has six grandchildren.


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James Czarniak
New York, USA
James is the founder and lead consultant of JCZ Consults. James spent twenty years working in the non-profit and government sectors, most recently as the Deputy Commissioner for the Onondaga County Department of Children and Family Services, specifically focused on Child Welfare Services. As Deputy Commissioner, the County focused heavily on decreasing the use of congregate care and increasing the use of kinship care, becoming a leader in the state.  James previously served as the Director of Juvenile Justice for Onondaga County in Central New York for 8 years and led a reform initiative that saw a reduction in detention and out of home placement by almost 50% while increasing local investment in services and alternatives that reduced recidivism and youth re-entry into the system.  James has also worked for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Syracuse in both Syracuse, NY and in Washington DC and worked in Congress for the Ways and Means Committee. James graduated from Washington College with a degree in Political Science and  is a member of the Annie E. Casey Applied Leadership Network, he has completed certificates in Data Sharing and Multi-System Integration from Georgetown University Public Policy Institute and is trained in Results Based Accountability, Results Based Leadership, and Results Based Facilitation. James is involved in many local committees and sits on several boards that focus on supporting children and families in the community.


Luana DeJesus – Coordinator, Annual Transformative Justice and Abolition Criminology ConferenceE-mail: bflolovergirl@gmail.comPhone-number: 716-279-8504Lou DeJesus is a graduate of Williams College with degrees in Religion and History. She has an extensive background in theatre, puppetry and performing arts. Lou took part in Occupy NY, was pivotal in bringing the Black Lives Matter movement to Buffalo N.Y. and continues the abolitionist fight against the preschool to prison pipeline, mass incarceration and all other carceral structures of racist oppression. She is also proud to be a lead organizer with the Third World People’s Alliance. She works closely with the Little Africa Culture Club to build the movement through poetry, spoken word, political education and African centered cultural production. Most importantly, Lou is absolutely certain that the new world in our hearts will be a reality sooner than we could ever imagine.

South Save the Kids

Selinda Guerrero – Regional CoordinatorE-mail: oneselinda@yahoo.comPhone-number: 505-358-0830Selinda Guerrero, Afro-Latina Feminist, is the Albuquerque Coordinator for Save the Kids, a national all-volunteer organization building a movement to end the school-to-prison pipeline. She leads Millions for Prisoners, the New Mexico chapter, a national movement to abolish prisons and oppressive systems in the U.S. and beyond. Organizer for Justice for Jaquise Lewis (“Albuquerque’s Trayvon Martin”) continuing our fight for justice. She is a Black Lives Matter organizer with Building Power for Black New Mexico. She is a single mother of six with deep roots in New Mexico. She grew up in a gang environment consisting of violence and drug activity. As a teen mother and eighth grade pushout she became active and motivated to work for change by building networks of community alliances over the last twenty-five years.

Moneka Stevens – Regional CoordinatorE-mail: monekastevens1@gmail.comPhone-number: 505-417-3707Moneka Stevens serves as the Community Engagement Director at Health Leadership High School. Since 2000, she has worked in community development and curriculum designed focused on Positive Youth Development as well as youth engagement in community transformation. She serves on a variety of Boards including the Bernalillo County Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, Reducing Racial and Ethnic Disparities. Moneka earned her Masters from the University of New Mexico in Community & Regional Planning with a concentration in community development, youth development and youth policy.

David Michael – Regional Coordinator
Phone-number: 954-483-8131

David Michael is a community activist that feeds the homeless and also gives back to the community by putting on events for the Youth he has ran two successful programs such as teaching the youth how to grow there own food and mentoring kids in the foster care system.

Gina C. Alfred is a Student Affairs Coordinator, and President of Staff Association at Salt Lake Community College. She holds a Bachelor of Religion in Biblical and Theological Studies from Liberty University and is certified in Leading with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion through the University of Utah. As an avid champion and cheerleader for individuals representing the Global Majority, Gina makes it her priority to ensure that equal and equitable practices are harvested in their favor.