Critical Re/Integration Services

Critical Re/Integration Studies provides justice impacted people with a multi-level comprehensive community-based coalition of agencies, programs, and organizations dedicated to (1) addressing the root causes of adults and youth incarceration, (2) fostering alternatives to incarceration, and (3) disrupting the root social causes of incarceration including A.C.E. and concentrated disadvantages.

1. Starts inside carceral locations both traditional (prisons, jails, and juvenile detention facilities) and situational (unhoused, abusive relationships, SUD and mental health challenges);

2. Supports with (1) life skills and conflict transformation, (2) job readiness and business inclusion, (3) health and well-being; and (4) college, university, trades, skills, and high school education;

3. Grounded in culture and community of people that have been disrupted by carceral systems (it has to be trauma-informed, culturally and community sensitive, and anchored in lived experience); and

4. Works to address systemic root issues within the criminal justice system of both bodily and societal incarceration.


1. Decrease carceral outcomes and build healthy, inclusive, and safe communities.

2. Graduate all participants in higher education.

3. Participants having sustainable and sustaining part-time or full-time employment or business.

4. Creating alternatives to societal and bodily incarceration.

5. Fostering among participants, businesses, and the community conflict transformation and life skills for those reintegrating from carceral circumstances.

6. Business, colleges, schools, universities, and nonprofits to be more aware and inclusive of people of lived experience, especially including the formerly incarcerated.

7. Provide increased access to better community-based mental health and SUD recovery services.