Please Support and Donate!

Hi and thanks for thinking about donating to Save the Kids (STK). Save the Kids with sixteen chapters throughout the United States puts on regularly workshops, teach-ins, lectures, rallies, and conferences to work to end the school to prison pipeline. Save the Kids is a fully-volunteer national organization rooted in transformative justice and Hip Hop activism. All the donations we can get goes to programming, as we do not have any office or employees.

Do not be fooled this organization does not run on love alone! We have many bills to pay such as tape, beach balls, markers, computer ink, paper, certificates, website space and e-mails, t-shirts and books we give to kids, gas for the vehicles, repairing the equipment, buying new equipment, office supplies, monthly bills such as internet, phone, e-lists, insurance, and web hosting. These are just a few of the many financial responsibilities we have. So, please consider donating to one of the only youth re-entry programs in the US, because when you donate to us you make everyone’s community a more peaceful place to live.

Save the Kids provides numerous nonviolent forms of expression and workshops including: (1) Help Increase the Peace Project workshop which teaches conflict transformation and group-building; (2)Poetry Behind the Walls, which provides space and place for kids to express themselves in a written form; (3) Criminal Justice 1o1 with kids knowing how to act with police; (4) workshops on the School-to-Prison-Pipeline, and (5) Outdoor Empowerment, which has 6 projects, which takes kids outdoor twice a month to hike, climb, and camp!

$20.00 buys 3 school bags with school supplies

$60.00 takes two kids on a college tour, with a meal, college shirt, and covers gas

$150.00 covers the cost of an issue of Spoken-Word Behind the Walls

$200.00 takes four kids on a day trip to surrounding cities

$1,000.00 covers the cost of an issue of Poetry Behind the Walls