• STK offers internships and volunteer positions that provide excellent opportunities to learn how to run a program or project, delegate tasks, edit articles, engage in public relations, write policy reports, and conduct research and analysis.
  • This is a great experience for college students and the concerned public to gain skills working with a professional youth advocacy organization while making a significant social contribution. If you are interested, please contact us by filling out the form below.


  • The internship program with is open to students and community members and is directly overseen by a faculty member associated with STK. The internship program can be either a semester or an academic year long. Internship programs are typically dedicated to a specific goal, project, time line, and process. Internships can be either academic based with credits (1 to 3) or non-academic, but both are structured with a set number of hour of work per week.
  • The volunteer program is more informal than the internship program and open to students and community members. It caters to the schedule and energy of the individual. Volunteers can either be short-term focusing on a specific event or project or long-term.


stk 4If you would like to apply please send:

  1. A 500 word personal statement explaining your interest in STK
  2. Your full contact information (phone-number, e-mail, name, address)
  3. Skills (for example, Website development, event planning, workshop facilitation, experience working with youth)
  4. Area of STK you would like to assist with (for example, juvenile detention facility, public education forums, community outreach/organizing)

Send everything to: Mac Allred –