1st Annual International Hip Hop Activism Conference




1st Annual International Hip Hop Activism Conference
Augsburg College
February 20 to 21, 2015

  • Feb 20 6pm to 10pm – March and Hip Hop Show from May Day Books to Common Table, Minneapolis, MN
  • Feb 21 8:30am to 6pm – 2nd Floor, Christensen Center Building, 2211 Riverside Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN, USA


This event is FREE to all and open to the public like all Hip Hop should be. Registration required.


In reaction to systemic U.S. police brutality toward People of Color, the global mass demonstrations for Mike Brown and Eric Garner, and the many unknown victims of police brutality, this conference wants to mobilize and organize those involved in Hip Hop to work to end these acts and systems of violence, torture, and oppression. Taking place on February 21 to observe the horrific assassination of Malcolm X in 1965, this conference is dedicated to the history, research, practice, and theory of Hip Hop activism. The conference will host workshops, roundtables, teach-ins, panels, and lectures. We plan for this conference to be a mixture of political analysis and practical street-line skill building. Hip Hop activism uses the four elements of Hip Hop for justice and peace and is most often concerned with defending youth, self-expression, and claiming space. The topics that Hip Hop activism most often covers include, but are not limited to, police brutality, the war on drugs, mass incarceration, racism, poverty, education, and the criminalization of Hip Hop culture. All are invited to attend and present, and we hope to make this a yearly event held at different locations across the globe.



Neil Taylor  – morecunningmonkeys@yahoo.com

Travel from airport and back:
Mysnikol Miller – mysnikol@gmail.com

(this is volunteer so we will try to help, but nothing confirmed. Let us know if you need to stay with someone.)


Holiday Inn
1500 Washington Ave S,
Minneapolis, MN 55454
Between Cedar Ave S/S 15th Ave and S 19th Ave/S 2nd St
(612) 638-4646


Presentation Questions:
Dr. Anthony J. Nocella II – 315-657-2911, nocellat@yahoo.com

Space, Direction, and Campus Logistics:
Reies Romero 651-270-7592, romeror@augsburg.edu



Augsburg College Save the Kids


Twin Cities Save the Kids
University of Minnesota Save the Kids
Progress Foundation
Prosaic Minds Movement
Academy for Peace Education
Institute for Critical Animal Studies, North America
The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition
Institute for Hip Hop Activism
Journal of Hip Hop Studies
Arissa Media Group


Committee Members:

Reies Romero, Malick Ceesay, LesleyAnne Crosby, Luke Reynolds, Truth Maze, StepChild, Amber Gay, Caleb Murphey, Bertrand Shoberg, Chris Lollie, Lynn Harper, Kim Socha, and J-SUN Noer.


Thank You: