Recap of Twin Cities Hip Hop Against Police Brutality Benefit Teach-in, Die-in, Rally, and Concert

For the first time in Twin Cities Hip Hop has an event such as this taken place. Not only did it take place, but it was organized in 24 hours by Save the Kids a fully-volunteer organization with press releases being sent out, professional media, videographers, photographers, sound, and many of the Hip Hop elements. People always ask to Save the Kids what Hip Hop activism looks like, this event was the true embodiment of Hip Hop activism. We took the streets, we had teach-ins, die-ins, workshops, art, tabling, donations, breakers, poetry, and networking. Many would like this event to happen again, we would like that too, but this event is so special in the history of Twin Cities Hip Hop because it will not. It was when the movement and Hip Hop were and are extremely outraged and creative about addressing the racism in this country at the same time.  Please see the videos and pictures of the event below. But, we do promise more events that will be similar and even maybe larger.

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