Donate to Twin Cities Save the Kids for a Sound System

Raising $ for speakers so that the Twin Cities can hear our call for alternatives/ending incarceration for youth.

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Save the Kids (STK) is a fully-volunteer national grass-roots organization dedicated to alternatives to and the end of incarceration of all youth and the school to prison pipeline. One of STK’s grounding theories is hip-hop activism. Hip Hop Activism is rooted in promoting youth expression, reclaiming space, and liberation and the end of mass incarceration, police brutality, racism, and poverty. We need speakers so the Twin Cities can HEAR this hip hop activism while we reclaim public space at our actions.

Since STK exists outside of the non-profit industrial complex— because we do not believe that it takes money to make change and we critique the nonprofit industrial complex that surrounds services for youth. This prevents us from taking money from corporations, governments, or foundations. We can only take money from individuals.

Issuing a call to all individuals to throw a couple dollars to make this loud.

An example of Twin Cities Save the Kids taking over public space in coalition with the group Idle No More Twin Cities (with borrowed speakers)

Why are you saying $735?!

1. 2 speakers (each $249.99) $500.–2-Way-Active-Speaker-107079915-i2344770.gc

2. 2 microphones (each $19.99) $40

3. 1 mixer $69.00

4. 2 cables (each $22.99) $46.00

5. Stand Kick for Speakers $79.99