MLK Jr. Statement from Kym Young

Thoughts from Kym E. Young
Let The Draggings Begin! So already this morning I have seen 4 posts misused by folks and quite a few folks who have never actually done a lick of community engagement outside their own agenda and self absorbed spheres of comfort.

You want to quote MLK today do so as you head to a march, Rally, the local homeless shelter, clothing or food bank with donations or as you step out of your comfort zone and don’t cross the street because a child of color is coming towards you wearing a hoodie.
Quote MLK as you challenge that coworker for their off color jokes, racial slurs or insults. Talk about the meaning of the quotes in the context of racism education and at your dinner table and over lunch with your friends and family.

DO NOT just pull out a few of Dr Kings words just for the day. His voice was not meant to be used as a coverall you put on just for one day but as a guide to help you overcome white supremacy and end oppression.
Ask yourself why are you here today quoting the speeches of Dr King and What will you do to give them meaning beyond the posting of meme?