Agave Milk Byron Shane April 2017

Agave Milk


I am the blind Rebel

My old rifle is rusty yet paid for.

I am the blind Rebel

My Pulque is thick, sour and strong!

For this revolution I Fight

and feel righteous, never wrong.


I sip the honey of this Land,

fermenting her in my soul.

Shade of the Agave row

Desert passage toll…


I pay the price to roam these hills.

Sun burn trails

“work” no thrills.


The sacred rabbit directs my shot

Drink in the magic

Then cast my lot.


I am the old Blind warrior, a rebel

They say. I cannot see, “yet”

They can’t capture me.


The Federal troops eat beef,

I eat beans.


The Federal troops drink brandy,

I drink sacred Pulque.

The Federal troops are sad

And I am happy.


The revolution is our struggle to be sure.

I am blind yet joyfully crafty.


Byron Shane of Chubbuck OSO Blanco

Lewisburg Federal Prison.

April 2017.