Thoughts on Prison Defunding from Prisoner

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I have just recently learned that the new IPhone 12 has a Police Encounter App that apparently comes standard with the phone. I just think that it is so sad that it is so prevalent and common place that someone would have an encounter with the police that the brain trust over at Apple would think to put on its platform an app to monitor that encounter because there is just so much distrust of not only law enforcement but government. Law enforcement and government is suppose to protect and serve the people. Not work against them. However, not all law enforcement personnel or government officials are bad apples so to speak, many of them are actually very caring people. But because of the few individuals that are bad apples they give the rest a bad name and cast a shadow over the profession as a whole.

There has also been this push to “Defund the Police” but defunding the police is not the answer. No, let’s be realistic! We actually need police. Because they don’t just pull people over, serve search warrants, and arrest people. No, they have a multi-pronged job- a tough job at that. The problem isn’t with the police themselves it is with the policies and training that they receive that enables the bad apples to bear their bad fruit. There needs to be police reform. Not calls to defund the police. We need to get back to our humanity and to our sense of community as a whole and as a people.

– Trevor Brown
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