Hip Hop Against Incarcerating Youth May 20 Twin Cities

In conjunction with the 2017 National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth (Save the Kids), the Twin Cities Youth Prison Blockade will be hosting a free block party in South Minneapolis. Come get your fill of local hip-hop, spoken word and storytelling, as we carve out a vision for a world where we support and uplift children instead of institutionalizing them.

Artists currently set to perform include St. Paul Slim, Muja Messiah, Mirage, Truth Maze, BiG WiZ aka Nic Swisher, T La Shawn, Bobby Hatfield, and Vinny Crook$. Follow the event page for more to come!

Some food provided, first come first serve. Local justice-oriented organizations are welcome to table at the event.

May 20, 4-10pm.
32nd Street between Portland and Oakland.


Who We Are

The Youth Prison Blockade is a committee of educators, former prisoners, and community members of the Industrial Workers of the World who have come together to oppose all youth incarceration in the Twin Cities. We believe putting children behind bars is a cause of great suffering and is no antidote to the social diseases of white supremacy, police brutality, and capitalism. Through direct action, democracy, and solidarity we seek to abolitish the prison system in all its forms and to replace it with communal institutions that heal, transform, and liberate.