Yes to New Positive and Healthy Influences in Your Life by Trevor Brown

Trevor BrownYes to New Positive and Healthy Influences in Your Life
By: Trevor Brown

Statistically, one in every ten children across the united states has a parent who is currently incarcerated
on parole or on probation. So chances are that you could in fact be one of these children. However, while you may be a representative of this alarming fact you do not have to share a similar fate. No, because today right here, right now, you can make the decision not to perpetuate that cycle.

You see, at birth you were given this very wonderful and powerful gift that is often over-looked, underestimated, or utilized quite marginally, and that gift is the gift of choice. That means at any given moment you have the power to create a new vision for your life and begin to fill the pages in the book that comprise your destiny with a new story. you can write a new story¬† for your life and open a whole new world for yourself beyond anything you previously thought possible. But the catch is and there is no way around this you have to exercise your power to choose. You have to decide to stand up for yourself and say enough is enough. you have to begin to say “no” to the negative past experiences in your life, you have to say “no” to the negative peers in your life, and “no” to the negative influences in your life. Because when you stand up and say “no” to those things you are really saying “yes” to the new vision you have. for your life, you are saying “yes” to new positive people in your life, and you are saying “yes” to new positive and healthy influences in your life.

I believe in you and I believe in your success because you all have something very special, powerful, and unique to offer the world.


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