To Youth Behind the Walls by Jeffery Lamar Young

jeffery-youngTo Youth Behind the Walls
By: Jeffery Lamar Young
February 10, 2013


The time spent locked-up can seem like frozen time. Many incarcerated people misuse their time by kicking back, watching television, playing dominoes or spades, or gossiping and trash talking. To them, time doesn’t matter much because they are behind brick walls and locked away from the real world. They couldn’t be more wrong and you shouldn’t follow their path.

Using this time to prepare yourself so that when you get back to the real world you can shine. Read books, participate in programs to better yourself, and work on earning your diploma or G.E.D. It’s important that you use your present time to develop yourself to be prepared for the challenges that you will face when you get out.

Champions don’t become champions on the field of play. They become champions during practice, training, and preparation. So don’t let your confinement fool you into thinking this time isn’t an investment. You purchase a future with how you spend your time now. Just like the stock market, if you invest your time poorly, you will go bankrupt in the future.

“People are successful only if they are lucky.” This phrase is true. But luck isn’t some random occurrence. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. This means that you must be in a constant state of preparation, training, and practicing. So when an opportunity arises, you are able to seize the moment and take full advantage of the opportunity.

What are your goals? Write them down. Then like a champion, from sunrise until sunset, prepare, practice, and train to achieve these goals. And when your moment comes, you will shine like a champion because of how you invested your time.


– Jeffery Young
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