STK is in “From Education to Incarceration: Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline” book

from education to incarceration coverCheck out “From Education to Incarceration: Dismantling the School to Prison Pipeline” a pivotal and foundational text with leading scholar-activists working nationally and internationally to end the incarceration of youth, pushout, zero tolerance, high-stakes tests, and the school to prison pipeline. This book offers also transformative alternatives.

The school-to-prison pipeline is a national concern, from the federal to local governments, and a leading topic in conversations in the field of urban education and juvenile justice. From Education to Incarceration: Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline is a ground-breaking book that exposes the school system’s direct relationship to the juvenile justice system. The book reveals various tenets contributing to unnecessary expulsions, leaving youth vulnerable to the streets and, ultimately, behind bars. From Education to Incarceration is a must-read for parents, teachers, law enforcement, judges, lawyers, administrators, and activists concerned with and involved in the juvenile justice and school system. The contributors are leading scholars in their fields and experts on the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • “How did we become a society that handcuffs its young and warehouses them in penal institutions instead of educating them? From Education to Incarceration answers that questions and offers an intelligently crafted overview of how ill-advised and inhumane practices and policies in the United States have betrayed generations of young persons, with suggestions for how we can upend these transgressions. Educators, attorneys, youth organizers and many others write with authority and conviction in this timely, relevant and eminently readable book.”

– Heidi Boghosian, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild

  • “This compelling collection of voices of radical educators could not arrive at a more urgent time. It serves as a clenched fist with the power to break ideological chains. Read it, and take back our schools!”

– Dr. Peter McLaren, University of California, Los Angeles