Save the Kids Official Statement Against Iggy Azalea

Save the Kids Official Statement on Police Brutality on    Black America

DECEMBER 27, 2014

Save the Kids (STK), a fully-volunteer national grass-roots organization dedicated to ending and creating alternatives to the incarceration of youth and the school to prison pipeline, would like to make an official public statement against Iggy Azalea because of her racist behavior and commentary. STK is grounded in Hip Hop activism and founded the first Hip Hop music studio in a juvenile detention facility in the United States. STK hosts rallies and public forums that blend the four elements of Hip Hop with socio-political economic justice. Hip Hop is a culture rooted in youth expression and acts against racism, poverty, police brutality, and mass incarceration, all issues of which Azalea has not shown any understanding, consideration, or care. As a white individual, she should not use the N-word, which is rooted in a violent history beginning with slavery. Azalea is not an ally or in solidarity with Black Americans being targeted by police. Azalea is appropriating Hip Hop in the fashion of those who have engaged in and/or mocked the Harlem Shake or those who criminalize saggin. In sum, STK is officially boycotting all things Iggy Azalea, and we ask anyone who honors the Black American experience to do the same, such as boycott and protest at stadiums where she is performing and on radio shows she is being played. STK also encourages people to boycott and protest her label Grand Hustle and T.I. the Jason Geter, the owners and founders of this label.


PDF of – Save the Kids Official Statement Against Iggy Azalea