April 9, 2021 – Official Statement – Derek Chauvin Trial

Save the Kids Official Statement
Derek Chauvin Trial

April 9, 2021

We, Save the Kids, affirm that Black Lives Matter. We stand in solidarity with the people in this country and abroad challenging white supremacy. As activists, scholars, community organizers, prisoners, youth behind bars, families of those incarcerated, and students, we aim to put an end to systemic oppression and structural racism; we focus on building a movement dedicated to alternatives to, and the end of incarceration of all youth.

The need for Save the Kids to continue the fight to end oppression and domination was made apparent once again when George Floyd was murdered by police in 2020.  This brutal event, among many similar across the country, raise serious concerns that reflect a pattern of racial inequities about whom are policed, whom are profiled, and whom are punished. Police brutality and the criminalization of Black bodies has concerned our communities for centuries.

We, Save the Kids, demand equity and justice for the family of George Floyd. We stand with the family of Mr. Floyd and reject the notion of immunity for police officers. We demand charges against officer Derek Chauvin and hope that during this nationally observed trial, the judge and jury come to a decision that will bring light the need to hold officers accountable for their actions, while at the same time working to end the penal system completely that creates police and prisons.

We, Save the Kids, commit to work consciously as a community. We commit to understand that our struggles are interconnected. We commit to understand that the fight for Black equity and justice is necessary for the life of this planet. As a movement, we continue the fight to ensure that everyone is entitled to education, dignity, justice, liberation, and freedom where all have self-determination. To those who are no longer with us, due to police brutality, being in prison, and oppression against BIPOC; we will remember you, we will continue to fight for you, we will always speak your name. Rest in Power George Floyd.