Introducing Myself by Jamie Rohr

wbw1Introducing Myself
By: Jamie Rohr

My name is Jamie Rohr. I am currently serving time for Sales of Meth. They sentenced me to 135 months in prison. I got a lil story I think some might like to hear. I grew up with a mother who would do anything to insure I was happy as a teenager I found a lot of joy getting high. Everyone says weed is the gatway drug but I think its cigarettes.

I remember getting caught smoking cigs and no trouble came in 7th grade I started smoking pot. I loved it. Wished I could do it every day. Drink all weekend and my mom said just dont get in a car I never listened. However the real turning point was in 8th grade when I went to a friends house and he said try this line of crank thats when my life took a real turn. I loved this drug, I could be the life of every party. Any I was, everbody wanted me around. By 16 I realized I didnt have to pay for this drug I just had to have someone give me enough to sell so I could do as much as I wanted. The next 15 years of my life were a disaster. From the minute I turned 18 in and out of jail. At 23 I was sententenced to 61 months in prison served 41 2/3 months so high the very next day that I barely knew my name. I was free a total of 8 months in 2010 then sentenced to 60 months for DUI on meth then 1st degree sales 135 months. It really took this charge for me to realize that there is a beautiful world out there that there is no end to. Throughout theprison system there is a  number of programs, to which have taught me that all one really needs to do is try. An there is no limit. That they can achieve. They offered onsite college course. I completely suprised myself how much I have to offer people. Most of all myself. I really dont know who might read this but all I can hope is that whoever it is they look deep inside their heart and look what direction they want to go. Because the slogan “go on to the bitter ends jails, institutions,and death or find a better way to live.”

The one thing no one can ever take from you is education. start with small goals. once I started to achieve small goals it made me feel better about myself and it really gave my family something to be proud of me for. For once it was something they could really be proud of me for. It gave me the drive to do more. Make your family proud make yourself proud. Do good in life because young people are our future. My next goal is release from prison start college and become a drug counselor. I got a lot of work ahead of me. But I promise when my story is finaly told its going to make my family proud. Stay focused, determined strong willed and sober and you can achieve so much. You have your whole life ahead of you. And true change starts within you and within your thoughts. Thanks for listening.

Jamie Rohr


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