Greetings by Isaac Stephen Kemet

GreetingsIsaac Stephen Brown
by Isaac Stephen Kemet
 February 10, 2013
My name is Isaac Stephen Kemet Alkebu-Ian X Brown. I am currently serving a life sentence in Fairbault prison for the many bad decisions I made as a teenager in my youth. I am 54 years old, been in prison for 31 years straight and the reality of me dying in prison one day is real.

Today and everyday, I’m blessed to see I will share all the knowledge I have learnt with the younger generation in hopes that one or more of you may listen and decide to change your thinking so you can change your life.

It’s a beautiful thing when you’re learning how to run around your life by learning what your birth-right is as well as using your personal power to help you take a new positive action-step in succeeding in your goals.

Know that you don’t have to copy negative people (subtracters) anymore that just abuse others and hide behind their own pain they never told you about because you wouldn’t look at them the same way again.

All subtracters have fears, they have feelings and that front of being hard-core is just another secret that is behind their silent cry.

It’s okay to talk about your struggles, pain, fears, and things you don’t understand about growing up.

However, it must be done with someone our trust like your: parents, grandparents, elders in your community, school teachers, church pastor, or anyone positive you known that will add to your life in helping you to be a more successful person that will ad to others lives the same way.

If you are a subtracter you don’t have to be one anymore. It’s about choices, make your decision to change and stand on your word. Then take a new positive action-step and learn about your personal power, your birth-rights and much more by reading a book called “Power of People”: Four kinds of people who can change your life.

No one is a puppet, don’t allow anyone to use you and laugh at your lack of knowledge because you won’t pick up a positive book and read it. Stop reading books that are keeping you stuck in you know what you’re reading isn’t true. So why are you wasting your time reading pure-A-garbage that isn’t helping you mature in your life?

In my youth, I read a lot of powerful books, but I wasted more time reading pure-A-garbage because I thought that would make me more popular around my peers in school and later on in prison.

It didn’t take much time for me to stop reading books I couldn’t apply to m life once I felt the pain of prison life wasn’t a dream. I started reading everything I thought that would help me change my thinking as well as asked questions about anything I didn’t understand.

Never be afraid to ask questions, if you don’t know something you just don’t know…you learn by not being afraid to ask.

Dr. Verna Price who wrote the book “Power of People” is truly an amazing woman, she and her husband Shane who teaches me and others about our true-self have helped us look into our own mirror and face our pain and years which has allowed each of us to overcome the bondage we were living in.

Remind you now that I grew up in prison over half of my life. No one ever told me I was lovable, valuable, powerful, and important in the way Dr. Price and Shane expressed what my birth-right was to me.

When I realized my birth-right I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin that I laughed inside while at the same time I felt my heart crying out in sorrow for not applying even half of all the positive morals I was taught and shown.

My parents taught me that love s an action word, they gave it and they showed it willingly…I on the other hand am truly sorry I didn’t appreciate their love more than my selfish wants and thinking the street-life was better than home. I know now that I was rushing to grow up. I also understand why my mother would say, “you’re not going to miss me until I am gone.”

If you don’t get it this is what she was talking abut. I was running he streets doing wrong while my mother was up all night worrying about me and praying that I wouldn’t get killed. I was being selfish and non-caring, my mom was tired of crying about me because I was gone to drugs, crime, and thinking I was grown.

The day my mom died it hit me hard, I thought about everything I put my mom through and she was right…I do miss her. I shared that with you in case you felt my pain, if you did you know it’s your day to change your life and tell your mom why you are sorry and what you are willing to do right now to work on you changing.

Well I can’t turn back he hands of time, but I can and will do my part in being an adder for the rest of my life.

Remember that knowledge is only powerful when you have the wisdom to use it in a positive manner in your life, around your peers, and especially when you have no one looking because then you know you are not putting on a show.
Here are some of my poems and a spoken word I wrote, I love to write but I enjoy it more when your soul inspires your mind to tell your hand to write down what you are feeling to help someone else grow like you’re growing.

The Alkebu-Ian
Issac Stephen Kemet Alkebu-Ian


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