Durango Prisoner Letter Writing

Hey Serena,

Thanks for writing. Programs, organizations and especially the people who care enough to invest themselves in social issues brighten my outlook and restore my faith in society. Where ‘we’ come from people feed off of despair. it’s common to expect the worst and to look at the world through cracked lenses. It’s great to hear how you overcome the anger that embedded itself in your diversity. I trust you are finding ways to own every aspect of your upbringing and adding your unique perspective to this cause. We need the population less effected by mass incarceration to feel just how hard why this system is broken. this is not a Feed the Children overseas campaign where we bank on pity. We are all, as a Nation, effected by this broken system. a system that creates monsters on both sides of the wall while advertising the answers to salvation from the dragons that don’t exist.
You are in a worthy light Serena. You are among the few who made it to the places most of us dream about. Your ambition, your willingness, to be the ‘odd duck’ from the mind that has earned the right to be our voice. Thank you.

In Solidarity