A Letter of Fortitude

jeffery-youngJeffery Young A Letter on Fortitude

“Finding the right answer, is often the least difficult problem. Having the courage to assert that answer and stand firm in the face of the Constant winds of protest and criticism is often much more difficult.” Clarence Thomas, United States Supreme Court Justice I share this quote with you because the lessons you have learned, and the change you have promised yourself, will be challenged and ridiculed by many of your peers when you are released from your confinement.

They will expect you to return to your old ways of thinking and your old activities. You will experience the feeling of fear. Fear of being rejected and laughed at. They will claim you are being lame and that you are just “scary acting” now. The cold hard truth is that if you give in to their pressure, that would be an act of cowards. As Clarence Thomas said, courage wouldn’t be returning to your reckless daring behavior. Courage is sticking strong to what you know is right despite the fear of what your friends will think. You must have Fortitude to be successful when you are released from jail. Fortitude is strength of mind that helps a person face adversity with courage. Strength of mind is built up by practicing a positive response to the things that usually trip you up, reading about people who have dealt well with adversity, developing goals and purpose, and surrounding yourself with friends who think like you, want to be successful and encourage your new positive thinking and positive behavior. Do these four things and you will have the fortitude you need to be successful when you are released from detention facility.


Jeffery Young