Dear Friend

wbw1Dear Friend

Mujaddid Rahim Muhammad

Dear Friend,

If you have met me here in the space of the printed page then it is safe to assume that at some point in your life you have taken a wrong turn, and now could benefit from someone like myself who has been there and done that. I am nearing my 48th b-day and all total I have been locked up (including both as a juvenile and adult) approximately 30 years.


The longest being the stretch I am currently serving which is nearing 23 years. I am soon to be released in the next six months. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy, so you know how I feel about you. No, I don’t know you and you don’t know me, personally that is. But yet we share a common bond. I was once your age… I came up in a dysfunctional home.. my father was absent…I was a victim of sexual, emotional, and psychological abuse…I had a need to be the center of attention…I though I was slick and had game…I had numerous sexual encounters with girls because it boosted my self esteem and made me feel like what I thought was an evolving man. I could go on and on, but I’m certain I have already touched at least one, if not several areas that we share in common and that qualify me to speak to your heart. You are experiencing these things now, but I’ve already been there and done that, and I don’t want you to be like myself or others who surround me who are always talking about and wishing that we knew then (when we were young) what we have come to learn now, that we are wiser. Even though you may have taken a wrong turn in your life or you are the product or victim of some of the experiences I have mentioned above, you don’t have to come to prison to get your life together. I and others like me have traveled that road for you. All you have to do is have the courage to seek the help that will enable you to embark on a path of healing and restoration. I am certain that you are surrounded by people who are eager and willing to help you, but they just don’t know what exactly to do or how to help you because the damage that has been one to you has caused you to go into your shell like a turtle and your not allowing anyone to come in. You are shutting everyone out on the inside and on the outside you are slowly self destructing. The conflicting emotions that you feel, you keep to yourself. So the people who want to help you cant because you wont talk to them. I know its hard dealing with adults. Sometimes they just don’t understand, or so we think. But you have to trust your instincts. /Whenever we are in need like you probably are now God knows your needs and He always puts someone around us to help us, but you must be alert, mindful and watchful enough to see who is that “Angel” in your life. As I am sharing this with you I am thinking back to when I was in my early teens and I was very troubled and self destructive at that time. There was a children. She talked with me a lot and tried to get me to open she tried to get me to come out of my shell. She took me on “Angel” that she was who could have help me to process and deal with my issues. So what I am suggesting to you is if your heart is heavy with issues that are no doubt causing you to act out self destructively, then you must trust that God is aware of What you’re going through and look for the “Angel” that is some where in your life and knows exactly what to do to begin helping you to unload the baggage that is weighing you down and preventing you from being your true self. I realize today that had I had the courage to open up and allow myself to go through the process of healing mentally, spiritually and psychologically I could have avoided spending over half of my life incarcerated. I am hoping that you will take something from my story that will allow you to embark on the path of healing. I came to you in the Light of Truth and “real talk”, now I leave you in the Spirit of Love, Conscious Thinking, Positive Vibrations and Peace.