The March to Dismantle The Legacy of Racism

Youth and student voices are important and must be represented at this important event and in our community. This is OUR time to engage the city legislative, educational and community in a concerted unified effort to confront and truly advocate for dismantling the legacy of racism in the Twin Ports. As a member of this community, I am asking for US to stand together as ONE community and speak from the people to our leaders. Please contact the organizers via the event page if you or anyone in the community would like to join the organizing team, become a supporter of the March(non-monetary) and or speak*at the event. All voices have a place at the table.
This is an opportunity for our legislative leaders and all running for office to HEAR from the community about racism and what we would like to see change. We welcome and invite our political leaders and those currently seeking office to attend and HEAR the voices of the Twin Ports as they relate their experiences with everyday racism and the legacy of racism that affects us all. Please no political agendas