Week of Action Against School Push Out 2021 Summary

Week of Action 2021 Contact Information:

Hailey King (936)-203-4330
Marisol BurgueƱo (415)-542-8667

The National Week Against School Push Out was an overwhelming success. Members of Save the Kids took photos and hung signs to begin an awareness campaign to bring awareness to the issues surrounding school push-out. We learned how our community works best, through service of others. Next year we hope to increase the awareness through a more widespread information sharing and more in person events.

The Facts

We wanted to bring awareness to understand that states spend $5.7 billion a year on the juvenile justice system and not on education. To continue to understand that 3 million students are suspended from school each year, with most being suspended for minor issues. The Week of Action encourages awareness to not only how many people are being pushed out of the education system, but who is being pushed out. Black students are suspended and expelled at a rate three times higher than white students, and students with disabilities are twice as likely to receive out of school suspension than students without. For instance, “Black girls are 16% of girls in schools, but 42% of the girls who receive corporal punishment, 42 percent of girls expelled with or without educational services, 45 percent of girls with at least one out-of-school suspension, 31 percent of girls referred to law enforcement, and 34 percent of girls arrested on campus.” School push – out is negatively impacting Americas children, and must be stopped. Education not incarceration…

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