Save the Kids Official Statement – Rest in Power Wake Self


November 12, 2019

Wake Self will be greatly missed by Save the Kids. Wake Self was killed by a drunk driver in a car accident. He was taken from us, by a poison that kills and destroys so many people and communities. Save the Kids is aware of how alcohol has destroyed so many families, relationships, and communities. Law enforcement for many years with the aid of COINTELPRO and other similar programs used alcohol to destroy social justice movements such as the Black Panther Party, which did not allow drinking by its members.

Wake Self did so much for Hip Hop activism and youth justice globally. He was a networker and worked well with so many artists and activists. Wake Self was introduced to Save the Kids in 2016 when he performed at a benefit show in Durango, Colorado. He supported Save the Kids and did so much for the group. He over and over again performed and spoke at Save the Kids events and rallies for youth justice and the end of the school to prison pipeline. He was loved by everyone in Save the Kids and he educated so many college students at Fort Lewis College, University of New Mexico, and beyond when he spoke in classes.

He was always respectful to the students, staff, and faculty and with all the volunteers with Save the Kids nationally. He was a great role-model of a feminist Hip Hop male artist respecting women in the Hip Hop community. He will be greatly missed.

Rest in Power.