Confront white supremacy, racism, and hate in Durango and Pagosa

12495257_910024069117548_1843542469177229600_nACTION ALERT! SOLIDARITY NEEDED! Join us to confront and stop the Confederate flag ride planned Saturday from Durango, Colorado to Pagosa Springs, Colorado! (

We’re calling on anti-racists, social justice activists, anti-fascists, and wonderful people for inclusion everywhere to converge on Durango, Colorado THIS SATURDAY to disrupt and put a stop to this event. Durango is a very isolated community, so PLEASE, JOIN US! Our ability to confront and stop these racists is dependent on outside support!

We need to create a world inclusive of all no matter their age, race, class, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, faith, or nationality. Durango to be a wonderful place to live and visit cannot tolerate hate and racism.

Bring friends and family. All ages, those with disabilities, and of all faiths and ethinicities welcome.

What: Protest Rally
When: 1:00PM
Where: Main Entrance La Plata County Fairgrounds in Durango, CO

What: Protest Rally
When: 2:00PM
Where: Red Ryder Arena in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

#SmashTheFash #Antifa #EndRacism #NoH8 #BlackLivesMatter #DurangoEndRacism



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For more information contact:
Anthony Nocella