Intro to Restorative Justice by Maurece Graham

Intro to Restorative Justice

Maurece Graham

03/27/14                    maurice-graham

Margaret Mead once said “We make our own criminals, and their crimes are congruent with the national culture we all share.” If, then the imbalance that is crime is of our making so too must the re-balancing be from us. This re-balancing is what I call restorative justice. It is a “putting away” of self-serving postures and becoming of service to self and others, and building community through applying: compassion, integrity, and respect to all the “isms” that dominate our lives. Restorative Justice isn’t a popularity contest, it is the popularity contest!

There is no gang stronger than the one that binds together families and motivates us to move together as one toward the goal of uplifting those who suffer. Also, there is no ‘high’ like the high of being part of something greater than the things getting sold on t.v. and in the streets. To honor a great person is to become great yourself, to be rich in spirit is to be rich in fact; If you look in the mirror and come away feeling something is lacking-you’re not rich enough or fly enough, or your swag ain’t banging like some you’ve seen on t.v., then you should consider getting involved in restorative justice. Become a part of cultivating that thing in you and your hood that’s greater than what you’re wearing, that thing people respect and record in history regardless of the car you drive or the price of your front teeth. Pick up the phone or click on your computer and dial up that tomorrow you know you own at, where you can get plugged in to the real movement near you.


Peace and Love,

Maurece Graham


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