I Am Not a Mascot (In honor of People’s Indigenous Day)

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Save The Kids Augsburg College is hosting a panel discussion in honor of People’s Indigenous Day(formerly Columbus day) which will include Native American Activists speaking about a wide range of topics relating to Mascots, Sex Trafficking, MMIW, Youth and many other topics, more details will be posted as info comes in.

Also special performance by: “Scatter Their Own”(Alter-Native Rock Band) w/”Crazy Horse Booking Agency” will do an acoustic set and a slide show/video will be shown.

Location: East Commons(Christensen Center Building)

Panelists:(so far)

C.w. Bearshield:
A member of the Sicangu Lakota Sioux Tribe residing in MN, is a highly professional and tenacious yet peaceful advocate and activist against human and sex trafficking along with police brutality, big brother and oil companies for all people along with his home community of West Central Minnesota as well as South Dakota, his home state. He is the creator, organizer and host of Minnesota’s first, second and very own, “Indigenous Independence Day” held every 4th of July at the MN State Capitol complete with speakers and “live” music that is free for all to attend and is open to the public. He also created and is the owner and sole reporter of and for “Indigenous Media Network, I-MN” which is a highly informative, truthful and reliable YouTube Indigenous news network and channel that dares to touch, explore and go to places others won’t when it comes to journalism while sharing the ultimate”truth” with all on topics and subjects both positive and negative that affect our immediate communities and extended world. C.W. Bearshield also owns and operates, “Crazy Horse Booking Agency” where he is the Booking Agent for thee acclaimed and successful Alter-Native Rock Band/Duo, “Scatter Their Own” where his Agency brings you nothing short of the finest Indigenous Artists both Nationally and Internationally. He also serves on the, “West Central Regional Navigator Advisory Committee” where he represents the Indigenous population that are against human and sex trafficking and that support and assist 21 counties in both Central and West Central MN. He also incorporates his employer, Lumber One, Cold Spring Inc. into the mix along with the sincere professionalism with their advocacy and activism endeavors they both currently have going on with Heartland Girls Ranch of Benson and Safe Avenues in Willmar. For bookings or questions on all levels please call (320)290-8497 or email C.W. Bearshield at cwbearshield114@gmail.com please and thank you.

Patricia Shepard:
-Bio Coming Soon

Joye Braun:

A member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, is a local activist concerned about the welfare of her people, the environment, human and civil rights, and saving her cultural traditions and ceremonies. A former journalist and photojournalist, she was editor for the Si Tanka Vision for the now closed Si Tanka University, and has freelance credits with Tribal College Journal, Reznet News, Argus Leader, Rocky Boy News, and photojournalistic credits with New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal, among others. Braun previously served on the CDBG Board for Lakewood WA, and currently volunteers with the Lakota Advocates for the Rights of the People an elders’ group who works with like-minded individuals from CRST working towards change on the reservation, transparency in government, human and civil rights, educational issues, and other social concerns that affect the members of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. Braun is President of the United Urban Warriors Society Eagle Butte Chapter, and is considered by many to be a “Pipeline Fighter” working to stop the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. She is deeply concerned with fracking and oil development across treaty lands.

Morgan Brings Plenty LeBeau “Owiskawin” (White Earring)

Morgan is a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. At age 20 she has experienced living on and off the reservation, both BIA, public school systems and homeschool. She is a activist against the Keystone XL pipeline, been a camper at the Pte Ospaye Spiritual Camp fighting against the pipeline and for Sacred Water, she has stood up to save the buffalo on her reservation camping in the middle of winter to protect the Buffalo. She goes to pow wows, dancing traditional northern, and jingle dress. She has been in a Native American dance troupe out of Lakewood WA. She is teaching herself Lakota, Korean and some Japanese. She has faced many obstacles in life but encourages people and youth that obstacles are just challenges and we can overcome anything if we work hard enough and pray.

J Reyna Crow:

Reyna Crow has been organizing around social justice issues since she began tabling for the `International Committee Against Racism’ when she was 7. Crow launched Idle No More Duluth in 2012, and has organized dozens of events and actions to resist wolf hunts, mine and pipeline expansion, police brutality and other civil rights violations. Crow is also a foster parent working to support youth directly and to help create and fund supports that are truly safe and culturally appropriate for children targeted by the traffickers who have long since operated from our harbor and elsewhere in our area, and is proud to be part of the team launching Duluth Save the Kids this fall.

Scatter Their Own:

Scotti Clifford and Juliana Clifford, are an Alternative Rock Duo of Oglala Lakota ancestry from Pine Ridge South Dakota. Scotti Clifford has performed across the U.S. and Canada as a Vocalist, Bass-Player, Drummer, and Guitarist. But now the Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist fronts the duo, Scatter Their Own, along with Bassist/Rhythm Guitarist/Backup Vocalist Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford. Scatter Their Own, lyrically pays tribute to the concepts and philosophy of their Lakota culture while fusing Alternative Blues into what they would like to call Alter-Native Rock and Roll. They believe that their music celebrates Grandmother Earth.

SCATTER THEIR OWN’s new album “Taste The Time,”https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/taste-the-time/id870725648 is now on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, and Rhapsody. Other big news for Scatter Their Own is that they have performed at SXSW this year in Austin TX. They were featured in Native Peoples Magazine in May. And, Scatter Their Own were also featured on Native America Calling on May 16th. They have been definitely building a loyal fan base nationally, which they are very proud of. So far, they have been up and down the West Coast, from Seattle to Los Angeles. Toured the Southwest, the Midwest, and Canada. Also, they have recently performed on the East Coast. Scatter Their Own will also be performing at this year’s Santa Fe Indian Market.

Scotti Clifford is an endorsed Grosh Guitars Artist, http://groshguitars.com/artists/artist-profiles/scotti-clifford/. He has performed across the United States and Canada with the likes of Carlos Santana, Chuck Berry, Taj Mahal, Buddy Red Bow, Keith Secola, Murray Porter, Stones of Red, Indigenous, and many other great musicians.

Scatter Their Own is the first band situation that Juliana Brown Eyes-Clifford has been in. But aside from her duties on the bass guitar and acoustic guitar, Juliana also has many other talents. She is a Film Maker, Screenwriter, Photographer, Actress, and Model. All of which she has used to help mold Scatter Their Own over the last 3 years of the duo’s existence.

Scatter Their Own Links:

Youtube: http://youtu.be/7FdHetLTpgk

Facebook: www.facebook.com/scattertheirown

Official Website – www.scattertheirown.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/scattertheirown

Twitter: www.twitter.com/scattertheirown