Save the Kids E-Newsletter – December 2016

Save the Kids Reports from the Streets
December 2106

Miami Save the Kids is doing work with youth in and out of detention facilities around food and environmental justice led by David Michael.

Durango Save the Kids is going into the Denier Juvenile Detention Facility twice a week Wednesdays for poetry and Sundays for group-building activities. This chapter is also doing regular protests for Black Lives Matter and Standing Rock.

Superior Save the Kids is very involved in working around institutional racism and also around being at Standing Rock too. They also have regular prisoner letter writing, which is important.

Twin Cities Save the Kids is on a weekly basis going into the Hennepin County Detention Facility for poetry and group-building activities and also very involved in Standing Rock.

Buffalo Save the Kids is organizing around building community skills with their members and also fighting against racism and mass incarceration.

Seattle Save the Kids is working with prisoners inside with their writing to be published.

Central New York Save the Kids is transitioning from one director to another. The new director is a Hip Hop DJ named R Source aka Matthew.

Save the Kids is working on building up chapters in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, NYC, Houston, Albuquerque, Boston, and a number of other major cities such as Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago (again), Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Atlanta.

We are also wanting to officially set up Save the Kids chapters in three prisons to do positive supportive work and give advice to community organizers and youth. The prisons are – Rush City Prison, Faribault Prison, and Stillwater. The chapters would send monthly updates and have monthly meetings and events, which we can post in our newsletter and website. We look forward to hearing from those at those prisons on that idea.

Until all are free….
Save the Kids