A Panel Discusion on the End of U.S. Criminalization of Saggin, Hip Hop and Youth of Color



A Panel Discussion on Ending the U.S. Criminalization of Saggin, Hip Hop and Youth of Color
October 5, 2015
3:00pm to 4:30pm
The Common Table, Augsburg College
2001 Riverside Ave, Minneapolis, MN

Facilitated by K Taylor


1. Keno Evol
2. Jonathan IsFace AndSwoosh
3. Raees Romero
4. Matt Hernandez
5. Nicque Mabrey
6. Steady Ready
7. Antonio Tensley
8. Malick Ceesay (maybe)

Questions for Panelists (each presenter has 2 to 3 minutes to comment/answer each question)

1. For those that sag or have sagged why do or did you and how did it make you feel?
2. Why do you think that this fashion of saggin is criminalized?
3. What other form of fashion currently or in history throughout the world has been repressed similarly by cultural imperialism?
4. What is your thoughts on what we can do to fight back against this racial profiling?

Questions and comments at the end by audience.

For more information contact:

K Taylor – 612-387-5230 or taylor11@augsburg.edu


This event is part of the National Campaign to End the Criminalization of Saggin, a project of Save the Kids