Support Real Black Panthers


We want you to make sure to keep the attention on current Black Panthers in prison (visit – ) and not a made up Black Panther in a movie where the profits (which are celebrated) are going in the hands of a long standing historical racist company, Disney. Save the Kids, Jericho Movement, Anarchist Black Cross, and other organizations have been so successful via social media to to keep the focus from the film and onto current Black liberation political prisoners that it got the attention of The Gaurdian magazine. Two political news sources Left Voice and Colorlines wrote articles on how to support Black Panthers in prisoner in the rise of the Black Panther film. Yes it is important to have positive Black representation in films for society, but that representation should be constructed by those that are Black. The actors of the film have been already paid as well a flat fee and are not getting a percentage of the gross profits. You can always wait two weeks and see the film with friends and family via on the internet streaming for free. Ari Theresa, attorney, wrote on Facebook the following on the Black Panther film:

I didn’t even see Killmonger, T’challa, or T’chaka. I saw the political strategies of aggression, assimilation, and isolation and what Disney wants black people to think of those strategies through flaws in each of the characters. Aggress through revolution, it must be because you’re loveless and hate filled and women will have no place. Assimilate, share most valuable resources with world, expect nothing in return, but woman are centered. Isolate, and ignore horrible atrocities and also become vulnerable to attack from shrinking world.

Most revolutionaries I have read about operate from love. They may have been cold blooded and downright violent under certain circumstance, but it came from a love for the human principles historically attached to revolution. Killmongers inspiration, Huey Newton, also loved the people but was driven mad by government efforts to destroy him beginning with solitary confinement and ending with mind games from profiling his personality, informants, and drugs.

Disney ignored white supremacy’s role in creating Huey Newton by giving us Killmonger, a compendium of the worst characteristics of Newton after the government destroyed him. In the movie this disfunction is placed solely on the shoulders of black Africans internal struggles. While it is true Killmongers, Killmonger and not Huey Newton, do not ignore the shadow energy at work with symbolism.

Beyond the name of the movie and Oakland as a central locale and the adjacent to Huey’s bday movie release date, there’s the heart throb moment of Michael B taking off his shirt before the throngs thats awfully reminescent of Huey pulling off his coming out of jail. That Coogler’s from Oakland is no surprise. He is using familiar touchstones.

This is the type of degradation that occurs over time to truth and history and why this movie is dangerous. I don’t want to get into debates with people about whether media can be used to control people. It can. If it doesn’t tell you what side of the debate you will fall on, it often sets the boundaries through false choices. In any event, we will have to agree to disagree if you’re a its just a movie person. Its late, you should go back to sleep.

Racially, I viewed Wakandans as white folks. Their status as oppressors was complete when they teamed with the CIA then adopted the non profit imperialistic model for Oakland.

The kids probably would have been impressed with a space ship. But white kids are shooting up schools. And Black kids in places like Oakland would have to be convinced to go to a Wakandan community science lab. Mainly because they are not entirely sold on this assimilation thing. And how could they be, living in mostly segregated communities? I guess that’s where Disney comes in.