Support Andre Hester in the Court Room in Atlanta, Georgia

From Andre Hester:

I just received confirmation from the Fulton County Clerk, my court date and info is as follows:

Motions Hearing for New Trial
Fulton County Court House
185 Central Ave.
Atlanta Georgia 30303

Andre Hester’s case
Honorable Judge Cox
Court-room “4D”
Time: 1:30p.m.
November 27, 2018

Please spread the word as widely as possible, requesting Prayers & Presence.

Requesting for supporters to fast and meditate upon this day.

Allowing those who know Brotha Hest to send letters of recommendation or acknowledgment of support to the Honorable Judge Cox at the address above.

Personally asking for Positive Energy to flow into this moment…that the Love of Christ might impart mercy and grace into us all. That we might receive this time to see how valuable obedience is to the sight of the Most High GOD.
I look forward to seeing you all on Nov. 27th!!! It has been a long trip in waiting for this “Motion for New Trial Hearing”. The courts have 90 days to rule and give me this chance to come back to present my case…and grounds for why I should be granted a new trial. My 90 days has taken over 8 1/2 years! But through this injustice, I have gained so much in the areas of Love & Service. I have found my Source of strength. An I now have a Reason To Live as a Strong Model of Manhood for my family and community.
Thank you all for the belief you placed inside a dude who grew up inside prison walls. My appreciation for the H.O.P.E. you provided me is enormous, and my Family thanks all of you as well. May GOD continue to bless and keep you and your loved ones always