Lowriders as a Positive Prevention to Incarceration

Too often the dominate criminal justice systems, thinks of nonprofits, institutions, schools, and people with titles and degrees having the answer to alternatives to incarceration. Some of the most sucessful alternatives Save the Kids have supported and seen as successful have been non-orthodoxical such as gardening with Southeast Save the Kids and Hip Hop shows with South Save the Kids. Another successful community based approach to keeping youth and adults alike away from gangs, drugs, and incarceration is Lowriders. Lowrider culture is rooted in Chicano/a Chicanx, Cholo/a Cholx La Raza culture and history. Southwest Save the Kids recently put on the Winter Lowrider Bicycle Show and Forum, which had awards, donations, DJing, an educational panel, and two Hip Hop artists. It was a blast and a success.