Feb. 21 – SB397


Santa Fe, NM – Tomorrow, Senator Linda Lopez will join community members, advocates, and social workers for a press conference to discuss Senate Bill 397 which is aimed at curbing the “school-to-prison pipeline,” the trend has seen children funneled out of public schools and into the criminal justice system. The legislation would provide education professionals the training they need to provide more fairness in the way incidents involving students are addressed.

Senate Bill 397 is scheduled to be heard this Wednesday in the Senate Education Committee.

SB397 will protect the constitutional rights of students that have been alleged of a crime. It brings us into compliance with ADA federal laws on use of force on those with and without disabilities.
This bill helps to train police, administrators and teachers to work with mental health professionals to divert students from going straight to prison with restorative, preventive and intervebtion services.
Through a team effort of promoting students well-being, education and safety. It stops problems before they occur. We are changing the culture of treating minors not as criminals, but as kids who can still learn before it is too late.
SB397 will save money and prevent law suits.