arissa tabling with Anthony Nocella

If you would like to table please fill out the registration form and send an e-mail that you want to table to

Organizations/Agencies/Companies Tabling

  1. Save the Kids
  2. Progress Foundation
  3. ProsaiC Minds
  4. Fifth Element (maybe)
  5. Institute for Critical Animal Studies
  6. Animal Rights Coalition
  7. Change in Progress
  8. Augsburg Latin American Students
  9. Arissa Media Group
  10. Boneshaker Books (maybe)
  11. #NativeLivesMatter
  12. Street Stops to Mountain Tops
  13. Joe Preezy
  14. Dilla Foundation (maybe)
  15. Pan Afrikan Student Union
  16. Hip Hope
  17. Ron Brown
  18. Augsburg Fairview Academy