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Marisol Adriana Burgueño, National Director of PR & Communications

Annual Transformative Justice and Abolition Criminology Conference
Phone-number: 415-542-8667

Marisol Adriana Burgueño A Bay Area native, Marisol has dedicated her career to public advocacy and to the intersections of design and social impacts. Marisol received her MA in Product Design & Development from ELISAVA Barcelona School of Engineering, and holds a BA in Industrial Design from the California College of the Arts. Marisol began her career through various roles in product design and visual communications for social entrepreneurship companies. After leaving the for-profit sector, she mobilized her knowledge of design and her background in communications to work with nonprofit anti-violence organizations and educational programs for underserved youth in the Bay Area. Marisol’s goals are fueled by her passion for ending the cycles of violence and poverty in her community, and building an equitable, interconnected society. She is committed to strengthening community partnerships, increasing access to resources, and public awareness.

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