Institute for Hip Hop Activism

ihhaAbout Us

The Institute for Hip Hop Activism, a project of Save the Kids, founded in 2012 is dedicated to promoting Hip Hop activism and developing the intersect between Hip Hop, youth empowerment, and social justice.


Hip Hop activism has historically been focused on self expression, youth justice and ending poverty, racism, mass incarceration, the criminalization of Hip Hop, and the War on Drugs.

IHHA is dedicated to advancing Hip Hop activism by challenging all systems of oppression while defending marginalized and oppressed voices for self-emancipation, consciousness, and liberation, such as ending ableism, sexism, and anti-LGBTTQ sentiments.


The Institute for Hip Hop Activism, is an interdisciplinary social justice initiative of Save the Kids organization. IHHA critically prepares individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and identities to be Hip Hop educators and activists.

1. IHHA specifically works towards ending the School to Prison Pipeline by providing resources, workshops, and trainings on culturally relevant education.

2. IHHA also provides resources, workshops, and trainings on being affective grass-roots organizers and activists grounded in and interweaving Hip Hop in their work.


The Institute for Hip Hop Knowledge has six projects, they include:

1. Notorious B.I.G. Hip Hop Research Initiative

2. Hip Hop Student Organization

3. Hip Hop Education Certificate

4. Tupac Shakur Hip Hop Activist Academy

5. Jam Master Jay Hip Hop Library

6. Annual International Hip Hop Activism Conference

To get involved contact Save the Kids Chapter regions or national directors.