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Save the Kids and Louisiana Network for Criminal Justice Transformation is selling t-shirts carrying the message that nonunanimous jury conviction unconstitutionality should be applied retroactively. Law professors, organizers, loved ones, and formerly incarcerated citizens have already engaging to help carry the message. The funds are going to build and maintain the End 10 to 2 Campaign.

Design: While We’re Tearing Down Monuments to Jim Crow …

The background of this shirt is that we need to keep making social change, not just performative change. It is good and important to take down monuments, and the prisoners also want to end prisons, which is the largest monument of enslavement of Black people in the U.S. currently.

Design: 1898-2018 End 10 to 2 Leave No One Behind

The background of this shirt is that Save the Kids with many other organizations are working to end the 10 to 2 verdict on convictions in Louisiana and Oregon, which in every other state in the U.S. a verdict of a conviction must be unanimous. Please buy this shirt and help the movement to decrease the population of those convicted, especially those that are innocent and the end of prisons.

1. U.S. Supreme Court refuses to make Louisiana ban on non-unanimous juries retroactive
2. Ban on Non-Unanimous Verdicts Is Not Retroactive, Supreme Court Rules
3. U.S. Supreme Court Mandates Juror Unanimity in State Criminal Trials
4. We challenge the non-unanimous Jim Crow jury scheme pursuant to Title VI of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, in addition to human rights violations in accordance with the U.N. charter.

All T-shirts are $20.00 plus shipping.
1-2 shirts -$6.65 shipping
3-5 shirts – $7.15 shipping
6-10 shirts – $18.85 shipping
Total: add up and pay via Cashapp to: $NoMoJimCrow

    Support the Coalition to End 10 to 2 Campaign

    Are you a public figure or an organization/program/agency/collective that would like to join this campaign? If so please send a link to the Coalition Coordinator, Courtney Montoya media@incarceratedworkers.org and be listed below. We ask our co-sponsors to (1) promote the campaign on their websites and social media, (2) fundraise and donate, and (3) organize events such as press conferences, lectures, conferences, teach-ins and protests.

    1. Poetry Behind the Walls
    2. Wisdom Behind the Walls
    3. Institute for Critical Animal Studies
    4. Peace Studies Journal
    5. Transformative Justice Journal
    6. Green Theory and Praxis Journal
    7. Arissa Media Group
    8. Academy for Peace Education
    9. Critical Animal Studies Society
    10. Academy for Critical Animal Studies
    11. Total Liberation Campaign
    12. Lowrider Studies Journal
    13. Punk Studies Journal