The Journal of Hip Hop Studies

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The Journal of Hip Hop Studies


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The Journal for Hip Hop Studies (JHHS) is committed to publishing critically engaged, culturally relevant, and astute analyses of Hip Hop. Submissions should emphasize Hip Hop’s relationship to race, ethnicity, nationalism, class, gender, sexuality, justice and equality, politics, communication, religion, and popular culture. JHHS also explores the intersections of the sacred and profane for a better understanding of spirituality and religious discourses within the Hip Hop community.

JHHS has five broad aims, each of which adds a new and distinctive dimension to the academic analysis and study of Hip Hop:

  1. Culture, structure, and space within Hip Hop and rap
  2. Race, ethnicity, identity, class, and gender in a Hip Hop and rap context
  3. The religious and spiritual discourse and rhetoric of Hip Hop and rap
  4. The sociology of religion in Hip Hop and rap
  5. Hip Hop’s influence and reach in other culture industries (fashion, sports, television, film); within the political sphere, and within educational spaces

Papers that engage with the above listed points are encouraged. Other questions we are considering, but are not limited to include

  • How do we understand mediated presentations of Hip Hop?
  • What is the relationship among rap music, film, and the Internet?
  • What theoretical frames are best adapted for the study of proliferation of Hip Hop?
  • How do members of the Hip Hop generation understand God, religion, and spirituality?
  • How is Gnosticism interpreted within the Hip Hop community?

Questions? Contact Daniel White Hodge (Editor in Chief) and to submit. Click Here To Find Out How To Submit!

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