WBW Submit

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All contributors (i.e., The Wise Insiders) are rigorously chosen by a former prisoner or current prisoner that are with particular organizations that Save the Kids collaborates with. All contributors are dedicated to mentoring youth, peace, social justice, community empowerment and education. If you have a friend or family member that you believe would be a great contributor for Wisdom Behind the Walls, please contact our editors. Send letters to:



    1. Prisoner/insider letters are sent to the Wisdom Behind the Walls PO Box (below).
    2. Letters are reviewed to either be: (1) approved to be published or (2) not approved to be published.
    3. Rashad Nins and/or Alisha Page organize twice montly letter transcription meetings.
    4. Letter transcribers then write a letter back to the prisoner/insider thanking them for writing to Wisdom Behind the Walls.
    5. Alisha Pages posts the letters and also posts a picture of the prisoner/insider, which has been approved by the prisoner/insider. Pictures can and sometimes are sent with letters.
    6. Alisha Pages then promotes each letter via e-mail, Facebook, and other social networking sites.


Wisdom Behind the Walls
PO Box 111774
Tacoma, WA 98411-1774