Join the Movement

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If you would like to volunteer with Save the Kids, visit our website ( and contact the chapter, program, or project you would like to get involved with.


  1. Are you a community-based grass-roots organization (501c3 or otherwise) that wants to work with fellow social and youth justice organizations dedicated to ending the incarceration of youth and the school to prison pipeline?
  2. Do you agree with STK’s principles and engage in activism?

If you say YES to these questions, please contact us and let’s make this movement bigger and more united!


  1. Have you been involved with STK as an intern or volunteer, or are you dedicated to keeping youth out of incarceration or ending the school to prison pipeline?
  2. Do you agree with STK’s mission, purpose, principles, programs, and projects?
  3. Are you dedicated to prison abolition, transformative justice, and Hip Hop activism? If so, we would be very interested in working with you in developing a chapter in your city/region or at your school/college.


  1. Each chapter is fully-volunteer and grassroots, not a nonprofit with paid employees.
  2. Each chapter must have at least four people actively involved.
  3. Promote the chapter via social networks and media with contact information on all events, programs, projects, and social media.
  4. All funding must be by individuals not by grants or government agencies.
  5. All events must be free and open to all, while donations are accepted and benefit events are encouraged.
  6. All chapters use the consensus decision-making process.
  7. All chapters have monthly meetings.
  8. All chapters have at least one event a month.
  9. All chapters must have a Director/Representative to participate in monthly conference calls.
  10. While all individuals are invited and welcome to STK, each chapter should strive to have leadership and membership that are People of Color and Black Americans.
  11. Each chapter should strive to organize around all three STK Programs – Activism, Public Education Forums, and Juvenile Detention Facility Youth Workshops.
  12. STK is community-empowerment based and not dedicated to legislation or reform.
  13. STK engages with transformative justice (prison abolition) for the purpose of creating an alternative to punitive justice and the current U.S. juvenile and criminal injustice system.
  14. STK engages with Hip Hop activism for the purpose of engaging with youth and discussing social problems.
  15. All chapters strive to minimize their “corporate professionalism” and embrace a grass-roots approach (making something from nothing) to demonstrate that even a person with very few resources and abilities can foster change.
  16. All chapters are requested/invited by and with the community, rather than imposing a chapter on the community.
  17. All events are free (donations welcome), accessible, open to all ages, sober, drug- and smoke-free, security-free, and serve healthy food.
  18. Each chapter should have a number, e-mail, social media, and listserv for organizing.


  1. Coordinator of Public Education Forums: Organizes workshops, panels, and conferences, along with tabling at events.
  2. Coordinator of Activism: Organizes rallies, protests, boycotts, petitions, etc. and trains and collaborates with people to do direct action.
  3. Coordinator of Education Behind the Walls: Organizes youth detention facility workshops by recruiting volunteers and being the liaison between STK and the facility.
  4. Regional Chapter Coordinator: Facilitates and organizes regional monthly meetings. Informs chapter of national events and programs, and attends national monthly meetings via Skype.
  5. Coordinator of Tabling, Equipment, and Finance:  TBA
  6. Coordinator of Fundraising: TBA
  7. Coordinator of Website, Social Media, and Promotions: This person develops all the flyers and promotional material for the chapter, while also promoting all events and projects on the STK website and social media. This includes maintaining all chapter social media.


  1. Develop the three STK chapter programs – Activism, Public Education Forums, and Juvenile Detention Facility Youth Workshops.
  2. Help with Transformative Justice Journal
  3. Help with Poetry Behind the Walls
  4. Help with Wisdom Behind the Walls
  5. Help with the National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth
  6. Help with the Institute for Hip Hop Activism
  7. Help with Annual Save the Kids Gathering


  • For presentations, workshops, trainings and tabling use these Memes and Infographs
  • Save the Kids group-building activities video – Click Here
  • Save the Kids setting up a table video – Click Here
  • Save the Kids setting up projecting off walls video – Click Here


To start a chapter or become involved please contact:
Anthony Nocella, National Co-Director, or 315-657-2911