Become a Chapter/Partner




Are you a community-based grass-roots organization that is a 501 c 3 or not, that wants to work with fellow social and youth justice organizations dedicated to ending the incarceration of youth and the school to prison pipeline? Do you agree with STK’s principles and engage in activism? If you say YES to all of these questions please contact us and lets make this movement bigger and more united!

To be a organizational partner please contact: Anthony via e-mail at or 315-657-2911



Have you been involved with Save the Kids as an intern or volunteer, or are you dedicated to keeping youth out of incarceration or ending the school to prison pipeline? Do you agree with the mission, purpose, principles, programs, and projects that STK has? Are you dedicated to social justice for all? If so we would be very interested in working with you in developing a Chapter in your city/region or at your school/college.

Chapter Administrative Structure

  • Each chapter is fully-volunteer and not a nonprofit.
  • Each chapter must have at least four people actively involved.
  • Each chapter must meet regularly (a few times a month).
  • Each chapter must conduct activities with the three programs regularly.
  • Promote the chapter via social networks and medias.


Suggested Personnel Positions

  1. Director of Public Education Forums: Organizes workshops, panels, and conferences, along with tabling at events.
  2. Director of Activism: Organizes rallies, protests, boycotts, petitions, etc. and trains and collaborates with people to do direct action.
  3. Director of Education Behind the Walls: Organizes youth detention facility workshops, by recruiting volunteers and being the liaison between STK and the facility.
  4. Chapter Representative: Facilitates and organizes regional monthly meetings. Informs chapter of national events and programs, and attends national skype monthly meetings.
  5. Director of Community Outreach and Volunteering/Internships:  This person networks with local agencies, groups, and institutions to collaborate with and to recruit students and community members to join STK.
  6. Director of Fundraising and Finances: This individual maintains the budget, donations, and strategies on how to fundraise.
  7. Director of Website, Social Media, and Promotions: This person develops all the flyers and promotional material for the chapter, while also promoting all events and projects on the STK website and social media. This includes maintain all chapter social media.


Chapter Activities

  1. Develop the three STK programs
  2. Help with Transformative Justice Journal
  3. Help with The Journal of Hip Hop Studies
  4. Help with Poetry Behind the Walls
  5. Help with Wisdom Behind the Walls
  6. Help with the National Week of Action Against Incarcerating Youth

For Chapters check out the Starter Kit webpage.

To start a chapter please contact: Anthony via e-mail at or 315-657-2911